Fly Army

Online flight schedule and facility management tool. Version 3.0 - More features, faster performance, mobile friendly!

The Power of Fly Army Version 3.0

Fly Army has been redesigned from the ground up for a modern solution for your organization's daily operations.


Increase your situational awareness. Know when you're flying, who you're flying with, what your mission is, what the status of your crew is, and what aircraft you are flying. All before even showing up to the facility.

Flight Scheduler

Interactive flight scheduler lets flight operations personnel customize the weekly flight program. Manually assign crew members to flight periods or reduce your workload by allowing them to sign up themselves.


Manage the status of your aircraft, including special equipment, and have it displayed in real-time throughout the applicaiton. Quit creating and udpating your own reports, let Fly Army do it for you.


Manage your hazard log using the built in Fly Army Safety module. Create new hazards, assign action officers, track work orders, and monitor progress.


Stop using pen and paper and start using the Fly Army AFTP module. Users request periods using our dashboard. Administrators view pending requests and approve or deny them. Commander's monitor AFTP participation using our built in reports.


How many crew members are currently RL1, RL2, or RL3? Who is currently in their APART period? Who just started their 2nd semi-annual period and needs to initial their CTL? Who is at risk of going uncurrent? Fly Army tracks all this for you.


What would the Army be without all sorts of reports with fancy graphs and eye-catching colors. We provide various reports for key leaders to track and improve their readiness and the efficiency of the day-to-day aviation operations.

Who Are You?

Check out below for more detailed information about how Fly Army will work for YOU.

M-DAY Crew Member

  • Never drive to the facility only to realize your flight was cancelled days ago. Real-time notifications via text and email keep you up to date with any changes to your scheduled flights.
  • Web based portal means you can use the application from anywhere you have access to the internet. You don't have to CAC in from a government computer to use Fly Army.
  • Mobile friendly interface allows you to check the status of your flight from the comfort of your couch. Know what your mission is, who you are flying with, the hour level and RL status of your crew members, and even your aircraft tail number prior to even showing up at the facility.
  • View your logbook and keep track of your semi-annual flying hour progress.

Flight Operations Officer

  • One single calendar, filterable by aircraft type, mission status, unit, or facility to show only the flights you are interested in.
  • Maintain full control of who is assigned to what flight or allow users to manage the flight themselves and reduce your workload.
  • Send notifications via text and email to crew members by duty position, facility, unit, or everyone. Perfect for those state missions where you need to quickly put together a full crew.
  • Manually add new flight periods by dragging and dropping them onto the flight schedule, or build a template that reflects your weekly OPTEMPO and add all those events in just a couple clicks.

Standardization Officer

  • Reduce your workload by utilizing our excel importer to automatically populate the crew member data.
  • Keep those flight records up to date. Our ATP management dashboard allows you to easily view what crew members are starting their semi-annual periods, which crew members are in their APART windows, and which crew members are coming up on currency requirements.
  • Get breakdowns of crew member readiness in terms of flight hours or RL status. Filter between RCM or NRCM.
  • Our electronic AIRF system is fully Army Aviation SOP compliant. Easily upload and categorize new AIRF entries and the system will automatically notify the required crew members. One-click button to "reset" all crew members to apply a quarterly review.

Maintenance Officer

  • Fly Army understands the difficulty in managing an entire fleet of aircraft. We provide a tool that allows you to upload certain excel files and let our software update the system data accordingly.
  • Different mission sets require different equipment configurations. Maintenance administrators can easily define new pieces of equipment, assign them between aircraft, and manage their readiness.
  • Maintenance administrators can assign tail numbers to flights on the flight scheduler calendar. This lets crew members know their aircraft prior to arriving at the facility and reduces wasted time

Safety Officer

  • Manage your unit’s HAZLOG via the Fly Army Safety module. Add new hazards, assign action officers, track work order, progress, and more. Easily export the HAZLOG to an excel file as your SOP deems necessary.

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